Welcome To Furrytails

Welcome To Furrytails Furrytails and More What's New March Press

Furrytails Children's Series

Young, old or in-between;

kids of any age will enjoy this anthropomorphic romp

through the stories we all know and love.

As of October 2006, the Series consist of;

  1. Clementine's Tail - A Furrytail for Little Tykes
  2. Boomer Big Ears
  3. Dudley Dog-Right
  4. Speedy and Molasses
  5. The Princess and the Tennis Shoe

My Journey to Publication

I would rather write a hundred books than find one publisher. I never imagined that it would be so difficult to get someone to just give my work an honest reading...And thus, I have decided to self-publish two of my novels; 'The Secret of Bigelow Hollow' and 'The Little Insanity'. You can see samples of both here; http://Writing.Com/authors/marchbooks

There are other sides to my writing as well

In the past five years, I have written the Furrytails series, several YA novels, a couple of short stories and a 350 page adult novel. Phew! You can visit me portfolio at Writing.com to see samples of my writing.

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I also like to voice my opinion from time to time, lol.
Anyone who knows me, knows how funny that 'time to time'comment is.
See for yourself.
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