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In 2006 I completed my first adult novel. 'Hurray!'
'The Little Insanity' is a literary soap opera that follows six thirty-something individuals and their six degrees of connectedness.
Jenn, Jason, Kyle, Kyra, Brad and Beth are all flawed.
When they mix their personality cocktails together, things gets quite interesting.

Other Adult Novels that I am working on

Fate Laughs - the story of a Southern family that gets caught up in their own bigotry and hate. Follow the dramatic events that affect their lives from each of their perspectives.

Head Games - Alone and lonely, Carrie wakes up one day to a pounding chorus in her head. She is desperate to regain the peace and solitude that has gone from her life. Instead she goes to the brink of her sanity and discovers what she did not even know was lost.

My Muse is working overtime

Only time will tell what comes next.

Young Adult Novels

Bigelow Hollow Series  Nightsweats in Biglow Hollow - Kelly Black is a hard-working college student, leading a normal life. That life becomes a lot less normal after a walk in the park turns into much more.
      Bigelow Hollow Revisited - Kelly has done battle with the evil Morgrath (her grandfather). Now, she returns to the realm of the Animelfs in an attempt to save the animals that her father is torturing. Unfortunately, fate has a different plan for her.
     Bigelow Hollow, The Future - Kelly is finally back in her own world. Now she must face her worst foe ever - her father. This story is not yet completed.
Rain - 11 year old Brendon, his mother, and their friend Harold struggle to survive in a world gone awry. There is no water or food except what the government doles out. Brendon fights to save his family and friends as well as an assortment of cast off animals.

Young Adult Novels in progress

The Invisibles - Sara, Tommy and Billy are three disenfranchised kids who just don't fit in.
Sara is a lonely girl who deals with her solitude by eating. Tommy is the oldest of five kids. He spends most of his time either trying to avoid his abusive stepfather or torturing the younger kids at school.
Billy has everything; a nice home, a loving family and plenty of friends. Then why is he so sad? Billy deals with his unhappiness by cutting himself. Fate and an unusual girl bring these children together and changes their lives forever.